Gear: KLiM Krios Pro

The best dual sport helmet just got even better.


As you probably already know, the KLiM Krios helmet does it all. It’s extremely lightweight, aerodynamic, quiet, and has the ability to adapt into many forms as seen in the animation below. ADV, dirt, street, and dual sport.

There’s a reason why we believe it’s the best dual sport helmet on the market.

Krios Pro : Krios Stop Motion.gif

Over the last few years, we have used the Krios helmet almost exclusively.

From ADV trips, riding around the city, hours of singletrack, full day dual sport adventures, you name it…we have used it for everything.

Weighing just under 3.3lbs, it’s an extremely light helmet, thanks to its carbon fiber construction. This keeps the strain off of your neck, and allows maneuverability and comfort all day long.

In the photos below, we will show you the versatility of the Krios. Pictured on the left is the new Krios Pro, and on the right, a Krios Karbon (the original Krios) that has been well used for a few years straight.

In its main form, the Krios is what we consider an ADV helmet. Essentially, a dirt helmet with a lens. With the minimalist visor, air is able to easily pass through, preventing the “sail” effect of most dirt visors. In addition, the helmet features a large spoiler on the back for aerodynamics at highway speeds.


For a dual sport setup, we prefer to have the combination of a lens and goggles. This allows eye protection, hearing the sounds around you, and high breathability with the lens open. Once you hit the highway, you can drop the lens down seamlessly over the goggles and improve aerodynamics and block out the wind.


For a day of trail riding, the lens can be completely removed, allowing the user to operate the Krios as a dirt helmet.


For anyone who also has a street bike, cruiser, or similar motorcycle, you can remove the visor for even more aerodynamics and the look of a street helmet.


With the Krios having four different modes, it eliminates the need for a handful of helmets by allowing the user to only own one helmet instead of purchasing four different ones, making sense of its premium price tag.

Later down the road, KLiM introduced the upgrade of a Transitions lens, which comes standard with the Krios Pro. You can read about the auto-tinting lens by clicking the animation below:


With the introduction of the Krios Pro, KLiM was able to improve an already amazing helmet. First and foremost, the Pro features the new Koroyd protection that has already been used in the F5 dirt helmet. This makes the already super light shell even lighter at just over 3lbs, and allows for more ventilation with its tube-like structure.

The chin vent on the Pro has been changed to a standard pass-through type, with a closable vent. Functionally, this works far better for venting. However, it doesn’t look as cool as the original Krios, and requires some microphone setting adjustments on the headset. On a hot day, we’ll be glad they made the change.

To make putting on and taking off the helmet super simple, the chin strap now features Fidlock. This uses a magnet to lock the strap into place. With this improvement, you can easily strap and unstrap the helmet with your gloves on in just a couple seconds, even with one hand.

We are looking to put even more years on this helmet with the new Pro. A helmet we can wear all day, in every condition, and without thinking about the helmet so we can focus on the ride instead.

Head over to to pick up your own Krios Karbon or Krios Pro.