Gear: Mosko Moto Pico and Reckless 10

The perfectly sized dual sport luggage we’ve all been waiting for.

Photo by  Drew Ruiz .

Photo by Drew Ruiz.

PNW Dual Sport recently had the privilege of testing Honda’s 2019 CRF450L. This bike is believed to possibly be the answer to modern dual sport motorcycles, so we outfitted it with the most promising micro luggage in development for proper testing.

With the combination of the Pico tank bag and Reckless 10 luggage system, we were able to carry the essentials required for a day ride through every type of terrain and weather possible, without having the bulk of regular luggage, or carrying items on our back.


The upcoming Reckless 10 system is designed directly after it’s larger siblings, the Reckless 40 and 80. With a similar holster and roll-top leg bag design, you already know that this setup is built to withstand everything. Waterproof, highly durable, and very stable on the bike.

The Reckless series most important feature is that they are able to be installed on almost every bike, instantly, because of the lack of requirement for a rack. The R10 continues this tradition, and we were able to install it on the bike in just minutes before rolling out.


With the smaller size of the R10, you have more maneuverability on your bike. This makes a major difference when you find yourself in some very technical riding situations.

Since the majority of the bag is on the sides of the bike, the weight is kept much lower, resulting in more stability.


Each leg bag is a fully waterproof roll top bag. During this test ride, we rode through rain every single day, and not one thing inside of these bags got wet.

Another major feature of the R10 is the option of using the holster without the leg bags. This allows users to carry 2 fuel bottles, different bags, equipment like shovels, etc on each side.

Unlike the 40 and 80, this system does not have a top bag. Instead, the designers at Mosko Moto created a completely adjustable harness type of enclosure. It can be expanded quite large, and also rotated 90 degrees to strap perpendicularly.

Here’s a KLiM Stow Away Jacket being stored in the top as the weather changed.


For the type of riding we were doing, a standard sized tank bag would have been too much in the way to get proper body positioning. With the Pico, you can carry a few essential items in a quick access area without too much interference.

The Pico is completely waterproof, features ports for charging cables, and a touch-sensitive phone pocket. No more cell phones stuck on your handlebars!

The Pico and R10 system is so compact and stable, that we were able to ride many miles of singletrack for days on end using these bags without even noticing them.

We can’t wait until it’s finally available for purchase. Make sure you subscribe to the Mosko Moto Mailing List to stay informed on it’s release! The form can be found at the bottom of their website.

Photo by  Drew Ruiz .

Photo by Drew Ruiz.