Gear: KLiM Krios Transitions Lens

Adaptability to changing light.

Alvord Desert, Oregon.

Alvord Desert, Oregon.

KLiM's ADV helmet has been on the market for some time now, impressing riders all over the world. From the day of it's debut, it has featured extreme comfort, low wind noise, excellent aerodynamics, and great venting. This helmet also has the ability to change into different modes, depending on what type of riding you are doing.

Just recently, KLiM has taken it up one more notch. They incorporated Transitions technology into the face shield. No more switching shields and/or dealing with sunglasses or goggles.

We were expecting the shield to work well, but it wasn't until we had one in person did we realize this lens truly goes from absolutely clear, to as dark as a pair of sunglasses.


Available this July as a lens-only option to update your current Krios, or as a full helmet/transitions combo. Head over to to experience the magic yourself. $149.99 / $629.99