Gear: KLiM F5 Koroyd

The new space-age off road helmet.


The team down in Rigby has done it again. KLiM doesn't produce just your average dirt helmet, they create ones unlike any other.

Seen here paired with the KLiM Radius Pro (optional Gold lens):

Designed to be an aggressive off road helmet, this helmet is also ECE and DOT rated, making it perfect for connecting trails via pavement.

Traditionally, helmets are made with a layer of foam to fill the space between your head and the outer shell of the helmet. KLiM decided that wasn't going to cut it anymore, so they teamed up with Koroyd to incorporate their state-of-the-art material into the new F5. The Koroyd material looks like a series of drinking straws put into a honeycomb pattern. WIth the vast majority of the material being airspace, combined with a carbon fiber shell, makes this the lightest and most venting helmet ever created. Picking up the helmet feels as if it could float away, and with the helmet on you can feel the breeze in your hair.


If all of that wasn't impressive enough, the F5 incorporates a whole new strap system. You can strap the helmet on or off in less than a second, with only one hand, thanks to the new magnet and hook system. Simply pull the red tab to unhook, and bring the strap back to the magnet to let it hook itself. Easy!

We really dig the black and hi-viz colorway, and the sharp lines give it a fierce look.

Check out to get your own. $649.99