Gear: Trail Tech Voyager Pro

One gadget to rule them all.

Mattawa, WA.

Mattawa, WA.

Engineered right here in the Pacific Northwest in Battle Ground, WA, Trail Tech has created the ultimate dash unit for motorcycles. 

Many of us, who love our electronic gadgets while out exploring the earth on two wheels, typically have a handful of them mounted to our handlebars or front fairing. Cell phone for keeping track of messages, calls, and music. GPS for navigation, ambient temp, and elevation. Cluster for engine data, speed, and vehicle warnings. With the upcoming Voyager Pro, you can now have only one unit up front, making it much easier.

Trail Tech's newest device is packed with features you might not expect. 

Of course, it has all the obvious ones. Built in GPS with overlay TOPO maps, engine RPMs, vehicle speed, trip odometer, coolant temperature, and more. With an IP67 water resistant rating, it's ready for the climate of the Pacific Northwest. All of these are essential to those who love keeping track of everything going on during their ride.

What sets the Voyager Pro aside from every other device to date?

Even with gloves on, the screen is a highly responsive to touch. No more joysticks or pushing up/down/up/down/a/b/left/right/select/start to begin a function. Easily move the map around for a better view, or switch to a different auto-view mode. Quickly mark a waypoint, or hit your lap timer button as you cross your start line again. Pause/play music on the fly.

Bluetooth connectivity to your helmet headset and phone, allowing you (and even your passenger as well) to hear audio from the unit and intercom with your riding buddies, and manage notifications and control music, messages, and calling from your phone.

There's a long list of awesome features with this device, but one of them is absolutely the most impressive: BUDDY TRACKING. What might seem like a novelty feature, is actually a very important tool. We've all been there: "Where is the rider who was behind me?" "Where did the extremely fast rider in front of me go?" "Shoot, I don't want to go that direction they just went". With the Voyager Pro, you can just ride wherever you feel, and regroup later by just chasing your buddy's icon on the map screen. If that wasn't cool enough, it even features an emergency beacon, so you can call your friends to your location with the touch of a button.

Kelly Anson (Sales / Tech Support and Test Rider at Trail Tech) and I spent a full day of riding testing this unit. Our playground for the day consisted of desert terrain, with tons of small canyons, hill climbs, large hills, and other terrain features that make it easy to accidentally get separated from your riding group. Throughout the day, we each would take off from one another, and play cat-and-mouse using the Buddy Tracker. I found the best map view was the Buddy Group mode, which automatically zooms your map in and out in order to keep you and your buddy's (or multiple buddies) locations all in view at the same time. Turn the map orientation mode to "track up", and just point your bike in the direction of their icon to move to their location.

A few days later, I used the Voyager Pro at the 2018 Dirty Poker run in Vantage, WA. I was very impressed with the accuracy of the GPS tracking. The Garmin unit I used in the past would "walk" all over any time I was stopped, or even just riding slow. The Trail Tech unit was spot on, every step of the way. Tracking my average speed and distance traveled was a good way to see how my pace was. I plan to use the lap timer feature on my next ride to practice getting my speed up in preparation for future events.

This is going to be the only gadget you'll need on the front of your bike.

Pre-order available now at, shipping in April. $599.95