Events: Summer Opener Announcement (Feb 11, 2018)

Event News

February 11, 2016

summer opener announcement feb 10.jpg

The first weekend of June is just around the corner. If you need more information about the event, please visit

There is a food truck scheduled to be at the event, and we are working on getting a couple more.

Friday afternoon and evening, there will be some fun competitions going on in camp.

Saturday is going to be a big day, with an event unlike any we've ever done. Details are still being worked out, and we will announce them once we have it completed.

We have an array of vendors that will be attending the event. Many of them are giving away prizes, and will be riding with you during the day. On Saturday night, we will be giving away a ton of prizes donated by the industry. Everyone who buys an entry ticket, receives a drawing ticket for a chance to win one of the following prizes:

Mosko Moto:
Reckless 40 v2.0Nomad tank bag,
and a Fatty tool roll.

Marrakesh jacket, and a Forecast jacket.
You choose the size and color.

ICON Raiden:
Jacket and helmet.
You choose the size and color.

Butler Maps:
Master Collection of maps.

Bluetooth helmet devices.

Plus many more as we finalize some plans!