How To: Expand Luggage with MOLLE

Infinite expandability.


Ever wonder what all that nylon webbing grid is for on certain bags? Many don’t realize that it’s an extremely useful feature called a MOLLE panel!

MOLLE is an acronym for Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment. It’s tactical use has helped the military carry gear for many years.


Hidden behind a few straps on the leg of this Reckless 40L Luggage System is the MOLLE panel. Seemingly just a few pieces of strap, this panel actually allows you to expand your luggage or carry almost any accessory you can think of.


There are tons of attachment options available for use with MOLLE gear, like this 2L MOLLE Pouch and water bottle holster. If you look online, you can find many tools that have specially designed sheaths for this application as well, such as the knife seen mounted on the Nomad Tank Bag below.

To attach a MOLLE accessory, you’ll need a MOLLE panel and something that interfaces with the individual strips of webbing. There are different types and such. Some are attached to the back of an accessory.


The most basic piece used is a “MOLLE Stick”. Some are hard plastic with a locking mechanism, others just heavy duty webbing with a snap enclosure.  Some of the webbing style sticks are sewn to the back of a MOLLE accessory.


The webbing on the accessory lines up with the empty spaces on the panel and the stick weaves through to join them flush and stable.

webbing layout alignment R40 molle pouch.jpg
stick action.jpg

Now your MOLLE pouch is safely secured to your bag, easily accessible, and ready for anything you can put it through!

Want to attach something to your bag that isn’t already MOLLE compatible? Search around and you’ll find straps, buckles, hooks, etc that you can use to make your own custom MOLLE gear. Here we used a couple MOLLE straps to secure a fire extinguisher to our Reckless 40L.

Get creative and find your own MOLLE solutions for your adventures!