Events: Sedlak Offroad School

Skills training to help you improve your dual sport adventures.


Last weekend, we had the honor of organizing a training school with international professional motocross racer and enduro coach, Daniel Sedlak. His course was tailored for dual sport riders who want to improve their riding, so they can ride more difficult terrain without the struggle. Special attention was given to each rider, so that all skill levels could participate and receive individual training for their needs.

Daniel has been riding since he was just a kid, and since then has traveled the world racing in the big leagues. He has been a KTM and Gas Gas factory rider, raced in over 40 countries including European Supercross. This all shows when he demonstrates his riding skill, and how he is able to translate his knowledge to the student.


This class took place at Riverdale Raceway, in Toutle, WA.

The beginning of Day 1, Daniel got to know each rider personally, before anyone even saddled up. Following, he helped them individually set up the ergonomics of each bike and showed them correct seat position.


The next step was to take the riders out to the trail, and begin by showing them correct foot placement and line selection. For the first couple of hours, he helped get everyone's riding position dialed in to lay a foundation for the rest of the course.

After that the students worked on balance, getting a feel for the bike riding standing up, followed by working on controlling the bike with their legs. This was followed by a good session of single track riding to apply those skills.

 "Daniel is not only a fantastic coach, but he's a really personable guy with a wicked sense of humour too!" -Steve Hughes

"Daniel is not only a fantastic coach, but he's a really personable guy with a wicked sense of humour too!" -Steve Hughes


The next step was working on body position on inclines and declines, while also concentrating on proper braking. Day 1 was wrapped up by applying all of the training from the day by putting the students to the test through rocks, sand, small logs, and hills.

 "I highly recommend riders of all skill levels allow a coach to nail down any bad habits. The sooner the better. Not only does it give you a proper base to build on, it also helps with fatigue." -Kyle Walter

"I highly recommend riders of all skill levels allow a coach to nail down any bad habits. The sooner the better. Not only does it give you a proper base to build on, it also helps with fatigue." -Kyle Walter

 "(Daniel's) training has made me a faster, stronger and way more confident rider and I'm looking forward to another fun and challenging class with him in the near future." -Steve Hughes

"(Daniel's) training has made me a faster, stronger and way more confident rider and I'm looking forward to another fun and challenging class with him in the near future." -Steve Hughes


Day 2 started with a warm up and a balance drill to get back into it. From there we headed back to the river bed for a bigger loop of riding deep sand and slippery rocks.

This day consisted of longer riding sessions and more seat time, in order to adapt the techniques learned in situations these riders will find themselves in while out on an adventure. The riders were able to see how their new skills were being used, and show them how much they have already improved.

Following, Daniel did a couple bonus lessons, including hopping over larger logs and rotating your bike quickly.

 "If you have a chance to train with Daniel, take it. He's a great instructor." -Kyle Walter

"If you have a chance to train with Daniel, take it. He's a great instructor." -Kyle Walter


Big thanks to Daniel for being our coach for the weekend! He is an excellent guy, and an amazing rider.

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Gear: Mosko Moto Nomad

The ultimate tank bag. designed for you, by you.

 Polaris, MT

Polaris, MT

By now, you probably know Mosko Moto is a very unique company. With no dealers or retailers, they sell all of their products direct. This cuts out the middle-man, and saves money in order to have a higher quality product.

Much of the design in every piece of Mosko gear is designed with the help of it's customers. The team spends hours upon hours collecting ideas, insights, and preferences from thousands of riders online. This is all in an effort to make sure that the product is exactly how YOU, the rider, wants it to be. Years were spent planning this one-of-a-kind tank bag, and it's finally available.

Our experience with the Nomad has been nothing but incredible. From it's adaptability across almost every bike, to it's durability and functionality. Instead of designing a tank bag based off of others already on the market, it was built from the ground, up, to create something very unique.

First and foremost, those of us that live in the Pacific Northwest have to deal with a lot of rain, but don't want to get our luggage wet. The crew at Mosko knew this would be a vital detail, so they included a nifty rain cover that packs down into it's own tiny pocket.


A highly noticeable feature of this bag, is it's ability to turn into a backpack. Perfect for those times you are leaving the bike and want to bring along your luggage easily, or when you need a bit more room up front when you get to the trail. Just pull the straps out of their storage compartment, clip them to the "Mosko Blue" hook points, and throw it on. The bag detaches, and re-attaches, to the bike in seconds. Ultimate portability.

 Seen here with the Mosko Moto Fatty Tool Roll. Gold Bar, WA.

Seen here with the Mosko Moto Fatty Tool Roll. Gold Bar, WA.

I have spent years wearing backpacks that have the water reservoir built into them. It's very convenient, you can grab the hose while riding and getting some hydration going any time. The downside? Having 100oz of water riding on your shoulders. Mosko recognized this dilemma, and fixed it. They snuck a Platypus hydration bladder into the lowest point of the bag, with a hose long enough to be used while riding, standing next to the bike, or while using it as a backpack.

Once you open the multiple layers of compartments, you see right away how easily you can organize all of your things. Most tank bags are just one large compartment, so everything gets piled in one pocket. However, with the Nomad, each compartment has many different spots for items, so every item inside has a storage location. You'd be absolutely surprised how much stuff can fit in it! The cinch straps on the side allow you to shrink the bag down if you are packing light.

If your adventures require you to have the Swiss Army Knife of tank bags, you need this one.

Get your own at, available now. $199.99

Gear: Nuetech TUbliss Gen 2

No tubes, no pinch flats, no problem.


Since the dawn of dirt biking, riders have relied on inner tubes within their tires to keep them inflated enough to keep rolling. They are easy to pack, not too difficult to replace, and have passed the test of time.

However, once you've had a day where you have to replace a few, changed one in the blistering heat, or realized you didn't bring a spare...they can be a terrible burden. Tubes will also limit how low of a pressure you can run, robbing you of traction. Not to mention, the infamous pinch flat from hitting a rock at high speed.

Nuetech has found an excellent solution to this problem: TUbliss. Get it? It's tubeless!

This high-tech system utilizes a very small diameter bladder and an extremely tough diaphragm, which creates pressure to hold the tire to the rim. The bladder itself is the trick that makes this system work. It's small enough to sit inside of the rim, where it is safe from impact, which means absolutely no pinch flats. 100psi keeps enough pressure to hold the tire in place, but also seals the inner chamber of the tire off from the outside. This allows the user to run a tire pressure of 0psi if desired, without the tire coming off. This extremely flat tire situation creates an enormous contact patch, and allows for plenty of tire deflection. Both the bladder and the tire chamber each have their own valve stem, making it simple to adjust each one.

We installed the TUbliss Gen 2 with a set of Shinko tires sent over by the Nuetech team, which they claimed to be the best combo they've used to date.

When first opening the package and reading the installation instructions, the TUbliss upgrade seemed like a daunting task. Surprisingly, it was very easy to install by following the detailed instructions carefully, which included full color pictures that clearly showed what needed to be done each step of the way.

The first test of the TUbliss system was at the 2018 Desert 100 in Odessa, WA. 

Upon arrival, it had already been raining, turning all of the surface into a slippery, muddy mess. Knowing that even more rain was in the forecast leading up to our Poker Run on Saturday, we were all a bit nervous about the traction situation. 

I set my bladder pressure to 100psi on both tires, to ensure that the TUbliss system would work properly. My tire chamber pressure was dialed to 15psi in the front, and 5psi in the rear. We set out to ride just minutes after the rain stopped, after pouring half the day. The track was a slippery, rutty, muddy mess with tons of wet rocks. I was absolutely amazed that with the given conditions, the bike's front tire would still stand up with just a crack of the throttle. It was like velcro on the rear tire, and even after bashing into and bouncing over the sharp rocks hidden in the mud, I had zero issues with tire pressure the entire day.

The combo of TUbliss and Shinko tires is the best traction setup I have ever used!

 Ironman Poker Run, 2018 Desert 100. Odessa, WA.

Ironman Poker Run, 2018 Desert 100. Odessa, WA.

The following day, we volunteered as pit crew for our friends that were racing. One of them came in after his first lap, and had a blown inner tube which we swapped for him. The following lap, he had the same issue and had to zip tie his tire on his rim to finish the 100 miles. If only he had TUbliss, that would have never been an issue. I guess I should have loaned him my wheelset.

 Changing a flat tube in the pit.

Changing a flat tube in the pit.

The Shinkos were able to clear out the mud very well, and aren't showing much wear at all after our romp through the desert. I'll be sticking with this setup for quite a while.

Go tubeless with TUbliss by heading over to $99.95 per wheel.

Events: Dual Sport 101

Gather together and teach one another new skills.

March 23-25, 2018

Photo: Jesse Felker

A free community event! Gather together as PNWDS, and share your skills and knowledge of riding offroad. Those who are interested in improving their riding, or willing to teach others, are all welcome to join!

This event is being hosted by Cascade Back Road Adventures and Rentals. Bring your own bike, or rent one from the Cascade fleet. Click the photo above to get more info!

Gear: Trail Tech Voyager Pro

One gadget to rule them all.

 Mattawa, WA.

Mattawa, WA.

Engineered right here in the Pacific Northwest in Battle Ground, WA, Trail Tech has created the ultimate dash unit for motorcycles. 

Many of us, who love our electronic gadgets while out exploring the earth on two wheels, typically have a handful of them mounted to our handlebars or front fairing. Cell phone for keeping track of messages, calls, and music. GPS for navigation, ambient temp, and elevation. Cluster for engine data, speed, and vehicle warnings. With the upcoming Voyager Pro, you can now have only one unit up front, making it much easier.

Trail Tech's newest device is packed with features you might not expect. 

Of course, it has all the obvious ones. Built in GPS with overlay TOPO maps, engine RPMs, vehicle speed, trip odometer, coolant temperature, and more. With an IP67 water resistant rating, it's ready for the climate of the Pacific Northwest. All of these are essential to those who love keeping track of everything going on during their ride.

What sets the Voyager Pro aside from every other device to date?

Even with gloves on, the screen is a highly responsive to touch. No more joysticks or pushing up/down/up/down/a/b/left/right/select/start to begin a function. Easily move the map around for a better view, or switch to a different auto-view mode. Quickly mark a waypoint, or hit your lap timer button as you cross your start line again. Pause/play music on the fly.

Bluetooth connectivity to your helmet headset and phone, allowing you (and even your passenger as well) to hear audio from the unit and intercom with your riding buddies, and manage notifications and control music, messages, and calling from your phone.

There's a long list of awesome features with this device, but one of them is absolutely the most impressive: BUDDY TRACKING. What might seem like a novelty feature, is actually a very important tool. We've all been there: "Where is the rider who was behind me?" "Where did the extremely fast rider in front of me go?" "Shoot, I don't want to go that direction they just went". With the Voyager Pro, you can just ride wherever you feel, and regroup later by just chasing your buddy's icon on the map screen. If that wasn't cool enough, it even features an emergency beacon, so you can call your friends to your location with the touch of a button.

Kelly Anson (Sales / Tech Support and Test Rider at Trail Tech) and I spent a full day of riding testing this unit. Our playground for the day consisted of desert terrain, with tons of small canyons, hill climbs, large hills, and other terrain features that make it easy to accidentally get separated from your riding group. Throughout the day, we each would take off from one another, and play cat-and-mouse using the Buddy Tracker. I found the best map view was the Buddy Group mode, which automatically zooms your map in and out in order to keep you and your buddy's (or multiple buddies) locations all in view at the same time. Turn the map orientation mode to "track up", and just point your bike in the direction of their icon to move to their location.

A few days later, I used the Voyager Pro at the 2018 Dirty Poker run in Vantage, WA. I was very impressed with the accuracy of the GPS tracking. The Garmin unit I used in the past would "walk" all over any time I was stopped, or even just riding slow. The Trail Tech unit was spot on, every step of the way. Tracking my average speed and distance traveled was a good way to see how my pace was. I plan to use the lap timer feature on my next ride to practice getting my speed up in preparation for future events.

This is going to be the only gadget you'll need on the front of your bike.

Pre-order available now at, shipping in April. $599.95

Events: Training with Daniel Sedlak

Off-road riding skills taught by professional motocross racer and enduro coach, Daniel Sedlak.

April 28-29, 2018

Photos: Daniel Sedlak

This event will take place in the Tahuya area. Exact address will be sent out to participants by email. Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced groups will be available at the event. Big bikes are welcome in the beginner course. Click the photo above to get more info!

Gear: KLiM F5 Koroyd

The new space-age off road helmet.


The team down in Rigby has done it again. KLiM doesn't produce just your average dirt helmet, they create ones unlike any other.

Seen here paired with the KLiM Radius Pro (optional Gold lens):

Designed to be an aggressive off road helmet, this helmet is also ECE and DOT rated, making it perfect for connecting trails via pavement.

Traditionally, helmets are made with a layer of foam to fill the space between your head and the outer shell of the helmet. KLiM decided that wasn't going to cut it anymore, so they teamed up with Koroyd to incorporate their state-of-the-art material into the new F5. The Koroyd material looks like a series of drinking straws put into a honeycomb pattern. WIth the vast majority of the material being airspace, combined with a carbon fiber shell, makes this the lightest and most venting helmet ever created. Picking up the helmet feels as if it could float away, and with the helmet on you can feel the breeze in your hair.

If all of that wasn't impressive enough, the F5 incorporates a whole new strap system. You can strap the helmet on or off in less than a second, with only one hand, thanks to the new magnet and hook system. Simply pull the red tab to unhook, and bring the strap back to the magnet to let it hook itself. Easy!

We really dig the black and hi-viz colorway, and the sharp lines give it a fierce look.

Check out to get your own. $649.99