Thinking of joining PNWDS on a group ride?

Help us make group rides successful!

PNW Dual Sport group rides are community events. We love bringing people together to ride. Our rides welcome the newest rider, all the way up to the experienced racer or world traveler. Come make new friends, learn new skills, and see awesome places to ride.

Every group ride is absolutely free, all we ask is that you do the following:


1. Be Prepared.

A successful group ride depends on each rider being ready. Every time a rider runs into an issue, he/she is delaying our travel. PNWDS is tailored for those who are new or unexperienced, so we won't shun you for having an issue you didn't know would happen. We'll help you through it, but please do your best to prevent that situation.

Here's some things you will need to bring:

  • Gear. Everyone must be properly geared up for safety while riding the pavement and dirt, and properly dressed for or packing gear for all kinds of weather. 
  • Motorcycle luggage. Be sure that the luggage you choose fits your bike properly, is secured well, and will protect it's contents from weather. 
For suggestions on gear and luggage, see our News section.
  • Full camping gear for yourself. Tent, sleeping bag, pad, cookware, food, etc. Be ready for wet and cold weather, just in case.
  • Tools for your bike. One tip we always give riders is to work on your bike at home, using only your toolkit dedicated to your bike, so you know exactly everything you will need when it's time to fix something on the road.
  • Hydration. Carry enough water to get you through a full day of riding and a night of camping. Whether it's bottles of water stored in your luggage, or a hydration pack. Many of our routes will not have accessible drinking water.
  • A street legal bike, properly maintained and ready, capable of very light off-road riding. Everything from big bikes with 90/10 tires, to full-on plated dirt bikes on knobbies are absolutely fine for these rides. Make sure your maintenance is up to date to prevent bike failures on the ride. Tires must have enough life in them for the entire distance we will be covering. Make sure your tank and aux fuel will get you at least 100 miles of range, and be fully gassed up prior to the rider's meeting at the beginning of the event.
  • Carry cash, in case we get to a fuel, food, or camp spot that does not accept card. Camping locations are always TBD, and may require us to split the campsite fees.

2. Be Respectful and have a good attitude.

PNWDS is a community of people that are looking for good people to ride with, learn from, teach to, share with, and more. Disrespectful attitudes and behavior are not allowed. Keep in mind, some of our members are brand new to the sport, and your poor attitude or treatment could prevent them from continuing this hobby. Help others with their bike issues, overcome obstacles, give tips to help their riding, and whatever else someone else might need.

Get to know the other members of PNWDS here.

There will be delays, weather, route changes, issues with planned camping locations, the list goes on. Remember, this is an adventure. It's not a real one if all goes well! So, if you plan on joining us, plan on having patience and understanding with the ride leaders, and your fellow riders.

3. Arrive on time and stay with the group.

We will not wait for others "running late". This delays everyone else who has arrived early and ready to go. Also, if you plan to split off with the group, keep in mind we will not be able to "meet up with you somewhere later". Let us know when you are splitting off, so we don't think you have gone missing.

Along the route, we may stop at unexpected locations. It may just be a brief moment, so please stay on your bike with your helmet on unless you have a serious issue, or one of the ride leaders says we are stopping for a while. Also, when we stop to take breaks, once you are ready to ride again, put on your helmet and be with your bike. Others will follow suite and we'll be back on the route again quickly.

4. Ride in control

This is definitely not a race! Please do not put yourself or others in danger with your riding. Anyone doing so will be removed from the group. Do not pass someone unless they give you the "go-ahead". Keep your distance from the rider in front of you, in case they suddenly slow down or crash.

One of the most important factors during a group ride, is not losing part of the pack. We always heavily remind riders that the person behind you is depending on you to make sure they know where to go. Many times our groups have been split up because someone wasn't aware of what direction we are going. At every intersection of a road, make sure you get confirmation (a wave, headlight flash, honk, etc) from the rider behind you that they know which way you are headed.

5. Have fun

We are all out ding this for fun. Keep in mind that these events are more about getting together, than the ride itself. Come join us on a group ride, and you'll understand how much fun it really is.

If there are any questions you have regarding any of this info, feel free to ask the community here. Don't be afraid to ask, we were all brand new to this at one time.

See you there!