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Ride: Coast Run
to Apr 15

Ride: Coast Run

A camp and ride event down the Pacific coast.

April 14-15

This will be a mostly pavement trip. We will start in Neah Bay, WA and end at Rockaway Beach, OR. Camping along the way on Saturday night.

This is an UNGUIDED event. 

Meeting point: Makah Tribal Mini Mart, WA-112, Neah Bay, WA 98357 (

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Group Ride: Solar Eclipse
to Aug 21

Group Ride: Solar Eclipse

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Details still in the works, but the goal is to ride down into central Oregon to see the total solar eclipse from along the prime viewing path. We are planning to camp somewhere near an ORV park or trails to braap around for the weekend and then Sunday night move to an optimal location where we can get up and watch the eclipse in the AM.

Would love to hear ideas from Oregon locals on potential locations. Somewhere with a good mix of single track and two track trails for the weekend camping preferred. Right now we're looking at the Santiam Pass area.

Don't forget to use protection, buy some eclipse viewing glasses!

This event is being organized and led by Amanda Lawler and Brandon Kovaly.

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Group Ride: Mt Baker
to Aug 6

Group Ride: Mt Baker

Ride together as a group around the backroads of the Mt Baker area, finding challenges, views, and camping along the way all weekend.

We will be meeting at Robert Muir's place on Friday evening, and camping out on his BADASS property.

Some routes will be designed to go no more than 75 miles without a gas stop to accomodate bikes with low range. Many routes will be easy, with optional difficult sections along the way. Any size bike is welcome, as well as any experience level. Some routes will vary by difficulty and recommended bike type, and possible longer fuel range that will be noted.

You may meet up with us anytime after 5pm on Friday at Robert's place (address will be posted the week of the event).

This ride is organized and led by Robert Muir and Dan Harman.

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Group Ride: Mtn Loop Hwy
to Jul 17

Group Ride: Mtn Loop Hwy

A cloudy and wet summer trip around the Mountain Loop Highway. It rained a lot in the beginning of the day, but no one turned down continuing on the trail with us. 

We took 530 out of Arlington to the tiny town of Whitehorse, where we filled up. Following, we jumped on NF-18/17, which led us on a very long dirt section through the mountains.

The silty roads were soaked already, and it was raining heavy when we first got off the pavement. Coating each other with mud flinging off our back tires, we pressed on deep into the woods.

Pit stop on   NF-18

Pit stop on NF-18

Luckily, once we got up to the top of our first climb, the weather cleared up.

The dirt section after quite a while, dumped us out on the loop after crossing a pretty cool bridge. We hightailed it on tarmac to Darrington, where we all grabbed lunch at the Burger Barn. A bit more gas, then we were rolling back down the highway, briefly back the direction we had just come from. Right turn, white bridge, and another right soon after put us right back on dirt again.

From there, it was a steep and windy rocky dirt road to the top of Gold Mountain. Vantage points at the top made Darrington seemingly directly below us, since we had gained so much altitude so quickly.

Dropping back down on the opposite side we climbed, we took Sauk River Road back to 530, which took us to our final stop of the day at camp.

Grocery stop in   Darrington

Grocery stop in Darrington

The following morning, we took 530 to Green Mountain Road. After a quick climb to the top, we took a group photo at a viewpoint with a wide open vantage of Mt. Pilchuck right in front of us.

We split off from there and headed home.

The GPX tracks for this ride can be downloaded at the top of this page.

Group photo of the remaining riders at  Green Mountain viewpoint

Group photo of the remaining riders at Green Mountain viewpoint

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