Group Ride: Mt Baker

Photos and story by Robert Muir


As with many good stories; Dan Harman and I were drinking in the late summer of 2016 reminiscing about our rides with the PNWDS crew. We talked about how it would be fun to host an event at my house and ride up towards Mt. Baker. Fast forward to summer 2017 and we had been riding almost exclusively dirt and had yet to make a true route for a dual sport ride when Jesse messaged us in early July and asked if we could host a ride in August… about a month away. Of course we said yes, and with the help of my wonderful girlfriend Maegan we all set about planning the ride and working on the grounds to make them as welcoming as possible. We are lucky enough to live out in the county north of Bellingham, WA on a few acres which provides us with the ability to provide ample parking for riders who were on smaller bikes and did not want to ride them long distances to camp.

Unfortunately our neighbors to the north decided this summer would be a good one to light most of their country on fire and the air was thick with smoke for the riding weekend (and many others before and since). We could not let that stop us though and we led everyone over Sumas Mtn., our only dirt on the way to Artist Point, and slabbed it up Mt. Baker. The views were much less powerful than on a clear day but the ride was good and we saw quite a few car clubs making the same journey in some very neat vehicles.

On our way down we detoured to see Twin Lakes and get some more dirt in. The 7 or so miles up was dusty and we crossed paths with a number of cars but the road has some great views and the peaks around the lakes seemed to keep some of the smoke away and it was beautiful.

On our way back we made another stop at the Nooksack Falls. It is easily accessible and only about a 20 yard walk from the parking area.

Photos by Dan Harman:

We decided to take the quicker route over Sumas Mtn. on our way back rather than the route we had planned and keep it to the easier sections as it had been a fairly long day and most everyone was looking forward to some cold beers and dinner.

As is usual for Washington in August a burn ban was in effect so a fire was not a smart choice, so instead of that we set up a makeshift screen out of a white tarp on the side of our barn and set a projector up to watch a movie (we did this both nights).  Of course everything was motorcycle themed… more or less and it was a nice way to wind down in the evening and relax.

It was great to see all who came out and we were all glad we had such a good turnout and that we were trusted to show folks a little of our neck of the woods.