PNW Dual Sport Camp: Summer Opener 2017

Pictured above: Our group site, as seen from the sky by Jackson Carpenter


Photo by Jesse Felker

May 5-7 2017, 200+ members of the PNWDS community gathered together at Lake Cushman, traveling from all of the Pacific Northwest. Located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington state, this area was perfect for camping, riding, and treated us with epic landscapes and perfect spring weather.

Artwork by Amanda Zito.

The event location was Skokomish Park. All tent sites at the venue were reserved for the event, and were large enough that multiple bikes and tents could share each spot. On the other side of the park was our large group camp area. Reserved for gathering during the day, sharing a bonfire at night, event announcement meeting area, food truck location, and vendor booths.

Friday afternoon attendees started arriving on bikes and settling into reserved tent camping spots that were shared with other attendees. It was quite the site riding through the camp and seeing so many dual sport and adventure bikes surrounding tents in the rainforest setting.

Saturday, there were 3 different group rides available to join in on. Beginner/Easy, Intermediate, and Advanced. Riders gathered at the main group camp at specified times, had a pre-ride meeting, and then took off into the Olympic mountains. Epic views, great trails, teamwork, and comradery all day long. Each ride was led by one of our local vendors, Dirt FIrst, High Desert Adventures, or GripTwister Tours. One of these group rides included 45 riders. 

Later that evening, we gave away thousands of dollars in prizes donated by the industry. Raffle tickets that were free to everyone who bought a ticket. Mosko Moto donated many cases of Ninkasi beer to be shared all night around our huge bonfire.

Thank you to all the business that supported and/or attended:

Our next event, PNW Dual Sport Camp: Summer Closer 2017, is scheduled for Oct 5-8 2017.

See the entire event album captured by the lens of Jackson Carpenter: